Ambassador Search Terms and Conditions

Any individual who enters, attempts to enter or in any way participates or attempts to participate in the Ambassador Search Contest (the “Contest”) conducted by Barbell Apparel, LLC (“Barbell Apparel”) agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions provided in the following rules, as well as by Barbell Apparel’s interpretations of these Rules which are final and binding in all matters relating to the Contest.  
  1. Contest Dates:  The Contest will run from September 1st - September 30th. Referrals before or after these dates will not be included in the final count. 
  2. Winner Selection: The grand prize winner will be whoever accumulates the largest number of referrals during the Contest dates. The second  prize winner will be whoever accumulates the second largest number, and the third prize winner will be whoever accumulates the third largest number. These referral numbers will come from your account with us at 
  3. Prizes: The grand prize winner will be paid $5000 USD, and be featured as an official Barbell Apparel Athlete across our social media channels. The second place winner will be paid $1000 USD, and the third place winner will be paid $500 USD. Winners will be required to submit tax information in compliance with United States Federal Law and will be responsible for paying any state and/or federal taxes applicable to prize payments. Payments will be mailed out in the form of a check within 30 days after receipt of the Winner’s tax information. 
  4. Likeness: Contest winners agree to appear in video interviews, images, to be used across Barbell Apparel's social media, email and websites.
  5. Cancellation: Barbell Apparel reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Contest and all prizes in event of low participation, defined as anything less than 200 total referrals over the duration of the Contest. By participating in the Contest, you release Barbell Apparel from any and all loss or liability resulting from cancellation, termination, modification, or suspension of such contest. 
  6. Termination: Barbell Apparel reserves the right to deny prizes and/or cancel affiliate status of participants who fail to act in good faith, abuse the referal system, or otherwise attempt to circumvent the rules of the contest. 
  7. Applicable Law: The Contest is subject to and governed by applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.  Participation in the Contest is void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law.